Our Story

“From Ambiguous to Ambitious”

At Nutriah Nourish Private Limited, we believe in leading revolutions that benefit our people and the planet. After witnessing the ambiguity, greenwashing, and misinformation surrounding the personal care industry, we understood the need for a shift in the narrative of how consumers perceive the industry and its products. The outcome of this understanding is the brand ruwaa: an ambitious initiative that champions healthy, natural, and chemical-less products. The brainchild of Mr. Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi Kalimuthu and Ms. Jessie Vijay Sethupathi, our vision is to nurture ruwaa into a brand synonymous with the goodness of Mother Nature and her timeless gifts. ‘ruwaa,’ means ‘beauty,’ is a powerful blend of nature and tradition, put together by passionate people, who wish to empower consumers with confidence and vitality.

Made Safe For The People And The Planet

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Welcome Back Nature & Tradition

At ruwaa, we envision a world that goes back to embracing the classics and replenishing its mind, body, and spirit with Mother Nature’s ways. Our motive is to revolutionize the personal care industry with nature-friendly ingredients, exciting formulations, and higher hygiene standards.

 We strive for a future where people live harmoniously with Mother Nature and benefit from hassle-free, easy-to-use, everyday products that harness her essence and healing powers. By evolving with venerable traditions, our hope is to reintroduce the golden age of self-care into the modern consumer lifestyle.


It's in our nature

ruwaa focuses on strengthening our roots and building a well-grounded, sustainable, and environment-friendly personal care brand along with socially conscious, ethical, and genuine business practices. We stay fiercely loyal to our commitment to bring a healthy, happy, and lasting life into effect.

 We naturally source our ingredients from the agricultural produces that are traditionally cultivated by our farming community and convert their crops into capital goods. Through this consistent effort, ruwaa plants the seed of hope in their lives, transforming them into an impactful harvest for their livelihoods and future

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In Nature, We Trust

The principle behind ruwaa products is utilizing centuries-old (not-so-secret) ingredients and processes passed down through generations. We redefine traditional recipes to resolve present-day health and wellness concerns, by providing emphasis on the benefits of the resources offered by Mother Nature.

We also believe that the effectiveness of developing products that stem from naturally-rooted ingredients far surpasses chemical-based competitors. Our process brings out the authentic essence of natural ingredients ensures optimal results through regular use, and facilitates a rejuvenating experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

Ethically Sourced

At ruwaa, we strive to be torchbearers of authenticity and purity without an ounce of pretentiousness. We ensure the high-pure organic and value-added agricultural ingredients are sustainably sourced from the farmlands. We also actively advocate the need for more personal care products free of cruelty, harmful chemicals, and additives, – akin to our own range.

Following an extensive expert research and development process, the manufacturing of all ruwaa products involves natural and traditional methods to extract the benefits and essence, a feat rarely seen in the global personal care industry.

Made in small batches

ruwaa aims to preserve the authenticity of our products and packaging in a move that enables us to prevent mass production and the eventual possibility of a compromise in the quality. We are a team that believe in ‘quality over quantity’ any day and prepare our products in small, fresh batches to retain the essence of goodness.This initiative branches from our belief that little things can make great differences. We hope to emulate the compassion of Mother Nature by producing in small batches with love and satisfying our consumers’ personal care needs.

Specifically curated for today's ecosystem

ruwaa products are made with homegrown ingredients to benefit the consumers and the community at large. We hope to strike a consistent balance between the regions’ climate and our product range by taking geo-specific measures in the curation process.

All our products cater to and address the intense effects the humid weather can have on the hair of our consumers